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  Green is the only possible future


We promote a sustainable design and project system to realize the yachts of the future. Each ambient has a favourite collocation to reach the best value between function and eco-sustainability, every material installed onboard comes from our database of selected eco-products, tested in marine sector. Particular attention is provided to the installation system to guarantee termic and noise insulation and obtain healthiness onboard. Materials of natural origin from renewable sources whose composition and production does not involve use of toxic substances.

New Range:

- 200-500 Zero Emission Tender

- 33 ft Displacement Zero

- Luxury Hybrid Limousine

- 40 ft Sail Zero

- 80 ft Displacement Zero

- 90 ft Displacement ParaWhale

- 125 ft Displacement ParaWhale

- LGH 53 - Hybrid

- 170 ft Displacement ParaWhale

- 240 ft Displacement RetroPanoramic

Yacht Refit :

- Williamsburg Restyle

- Wally Yachts Refit

- 150 ft Displacement Yacht refit

- Sustainable Yacht Refit Paint


Yacht Toys :