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  Green is the only possible future

40 ft Sail Zero

Hull and sail plan of Sail 40 allows a great potential in terms of speed, thus pushing up the limits of sustainability of the boat; a high speed and a good amount of surfaces, as a matter of fact, means that we can develop a wide range of technology to produce energy while sailing:
• solar panels: coachroof design can handle an array of approx. 10 sq. meters of flexible solar panels, integrated in first stage design, so that they won't looked "stichted up" on the boat; a IACC (america's cup) style high profile mainsail boom will be enriched with further 5 sq.meters of solar panels;
• low resistance towed generator: these are the new version of "old" school towed propeller; nowadays technology give us the chance to have low resistance and highly efficient generator directly on the stern of the boat, positioned slightly inside the rudders; generators can be tilted out of the water if needed; this technology is by now widespread on IMOCA 60 round-the-world racer;
• Wind generator: a pole on the stern allows us to gain another bit of energy, adopting a new-generation low noise 100 cm class windmill
• engine: we adopt a 50 HP-15 kw inboard hybrid engine, mixed electrical and diesel , even here the electric engine may act as a dynamo when sailing, giving us energy to charge the battery packs on board.



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