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  Green is the only possible future

Being Green

Symbiosis of ecological sustainability and innovative technology. The Green Yachts, thanks to their low energy requirements, meet all the criteria of low energy architecture. The Special Bus system manages all electrical equipment installed onboard controlling lighting, heating, blinds, security equipments.

Technical and research :

  • Hulls designed to be highly efficient and safe in all conditions of weather and sea.
  • Innovative propulsion systems, hybrid systems reducing fuel consumption and gas emissions.
  • Superstructures made ​​of simple bending contemporary design.
  • System design coordinated for maximum efficiency during production process

Green Yachts also means :

  • Costant research of Eco-Materials
  • Heating and cooling systems designed to customize temperature in each ambient
  • Natural Termic and Acustic insulations
  • Capture of natural daylight
  • Sustainable and reclaimed wood for floors,walls and cielings
  • Low-voc and no-voc paints
  • Use of water conservation systems
  • Use of electrical equipment with low consumption level
  • Use of domotic system to manage resources
  • Use of re materialized materials
  • Paints and decorative finishes made from natural raw materials

Sustainable Clothing &Accessories :

  • Bags from Sails of Racing Yachts
  • Guests and Crew Sustainable Clothing

Sailing JacketGreen Sailing Bag

Sustainable Sailing Jacket and BAG from Recycled Racing Sails






Interior Image of 80ft "Paraben"